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Education Consultancy and Placement Firm in Bhutan

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Australia Jogay Education Consultancy and Placement Firm is a digital enabled consultancy firm which is be based in Thimphu, Bhutan and provide consultancy services to students aspiring to pursue their higher studies in different parts of the world especially Australia. We handle all aspects of Education related services; services such as processing and securing admissions for students in different parts of world, securing scholarship discounts for students, providing university selection services, providing education consultancy services, providing education guidance services, visa services and many more.

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Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

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Counselling Services

Best Counselling support
Career counseling services help individuals to identify and achieve their career goals. These services may include resume and cover letter building, networking assistance and career assessment. They also help in identifying career interest, strengths, and weaknesses, and providing guidance in career planning, development, and advancement. We have professionals, such as career counselors and coaches who provide support and guidance throughout the career development process.

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Student Visa Services

We give you best student visa services

Student visa support services assist international students with the process of obtaining a student visa for studying abroad. These services may include assistance with visa application forms and documentation, pre-departure orientations, and guidance on immigration regulations and compliance. We are also planning provide support in preparing for the visa interview and post-arrival services such as airport pick-up and accommodation arrangement in coming future

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Pre-departure Support

We give you best pre-departure support

Student pre-departure support services assist students with the logistics and preparation needed before embarking on their study abroad journey. Services include assistance with visa application, travel arrangements, accommodation and orientation. They also provide information on cultural differences, language, and safety in the host country. These services help students to feel prepared and confident for their study abroad experience.

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We give you proper guide on documentation

To apply for a student visa in Australia, you will need to provide documentation such as a valid passport, proof of acceptance into a course of study, proof of financial support, and evidence of English language proficiency. You may also need to provide a police clearance certificate, and a health examination report.

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University Selection

We guide you with selection of university and courses based on your past career path.

When choosing a university in Australia, consider factors such as location, course offerings, reputation, campus facilities, and student services. Research the universities' websites, talk to current students, and attend virtual or in-person open days. It's also important to check that the university is registered with the government's Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) and accreditation body.

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Post Services

We are there for counselling services even after your departure to your respective university. We have lots of other plans in future which includes:

Providing airport pickup and accommodation assistance
Offering orientations and cultural training to help students settle in
Supporting students with their academic progress, including monitoring and counseling
Providing information and assistance with visa extension or renewal
Offering pastoral care and emotional support to help students adjust to their new environment , Helping students to make the most of their time in Australia by providing information on cultural and social activities, events, and clubs
Offering career guidance and post-study options Providing ongoing support and advice throughout the students' stay in Australia